Frequently Asked Questions
What sort of information will Heckeldex accept for bassoon profiles?
The Heckeldex is an educational resource for bassoonists, hobbyists, and other interested viewers. Due to the value of each Heckel here, we decline to publish any information regarding the sale history or location of any bassoon registered in the Heckeldex. This is to protect the privacy and safety of each bassoon and its owner. We will, however, list information surrounding bassoon performance and pedagogical history. This includes the bassoon's performance history, developments, and past ownership by notable teachers and performers.
Is it safe to put my bassoon on the Heckeldex?
Our most frequently asked question is “Why do you often see Heckels listed for sale with serial numbers blocked out in ‘XXXX’ format?” (e.g. 6XXX, or 1213X). The destination of blurring out Heckel serial numbers is unknown, but it stems directly from online instrument sales in the late 90’s. Sellers on bassoon forums would post instruments for sale publicly while also including their home address, personal email, and other contact information. This was an era where not everyone had an email address, and some people still preferred to write physical letters with which to contact sellers. Unfortunately, a number of bassoons were stolen as a result of sellers giving away their personal information to strangers. Going forward, some forums required sellers to blur out their instruments' serial numbers to protect information which may have already been leaked.

Today, fortunately, publishing your personal instrument’s serial number is certifiably safe, and can not be traced to you in any capacity. As an extra precautionary measure, the Heckeldex still will not publish any information that suggests the current ownership or location of a particular instrument. Some consigners still prefer to list instruments simply as “-XXX” instruments to generate interest in bassoons of a particularly desirable serial number range.